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Online bookings: summer 2015 and the last minute trend for Italians and Germans


It could be fault of the economic uncertainty, the growing trust towards online booking and its steady availability or just the italic habit for last minute, but this year the Italians have totally outstripped other European tourists for the habit of booking their campsite-holidays at the last available moment. This fact is showed by the analysis of the bookings made in august on Campingitalia.it, the online booking portal of the KoobCamp network, which is also the favourite means for travellers to book their summer holidays.

It was already clear from the statistics of the first six months that 2015 would have been the year of last minute booking, but summer showed a sharp increase. In fact, this had already been demonstrated from the data collected in July and August, but in August also another new phenomenon emerged: Italian tourists reached the top of the last-minute booking rank with 64.74% of bookings. Germans are placed at the second position with 26.92%, whereas the booking percentage of the Dutch falls to 5.76% and English-speaking tourists made only 2.5% of the reservations.

A very interesting fact, particularly for the managers, is the sharp drop of bookings made by Dutch tourists in august: among all the loyal customers of Campingitalia.it, the Dutch travellers confirm to plan their holidays well in advance. The reasons? The distance from Italy, the ability to get the offers in advance in comparison to others and, last but not least, the need to ask for the holiday period with adequate notice. Going back to Italians, a very interesting point is that last minute holidays are, in most cases, booked by men. In fact, 59.4% of the requests in august were made by men.

Summer 2015: campsite or tourist resort?

Italian and German tourists prefer to choose a holiday village for their summer holiday: the first with 57.42% and the second with 61.90% of bookings. The Dutch are quite balanced, whereas English-speaking tourists choose campsite even for 75% of cases. More in general, during the month of August 2015, tourist resorts beat campsite with 57.69% of bookings against 42.31%.

Outdoor holidays? Better in good company

In-pair-holidays are at the top of the rank with 32.69% of choices, immediately followed by 4-people groups with 30.77% and by 3-people groups with 22.44%. Only the 6.41% of travellers chose to travel alone, maybe looking for new acquaintances, whereas at the bottom of the chart are placed the groups of 5 or 6 people with 5.77% and 1.92% of choices.

How much does a camping holiday cost and who are the biggest spenders?

First of all the general statistics of the expense range for holidays in campsite or holiday village: from 400 to 1.000 Euro in 44.23% of cases, from 100 to 400 euro in 30.77%, less than 100 Euro in 16.03% of bookings and 8.97% for more than 1.000 Euro.

Italians: 42.57% for the range 400-1.000 Euro, 29.7% for the one 100-400 Euro, 16.8% less than 100 Euro, 10.89% above 1.000 Euro.

Germans: 54.76% for the range 400-1.000 Euro, 30.95% for the one 100-400 Euro and 14.28% less than 100 Euro.

Dutch: 33% for the range 400-1.000 Euro and for the one 100-400 Euro, 22% for more than 1.000 Euro and 11% less than 100 Euro.

English: 50% for the range 400-1.000 Euro, 25% above 1.000 Euro and under 100 Euro.

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