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Luciano Ligabue at Campovolo: where to sleep in campsite or tourist resort


"It will be a great party", this is what Liga promised (and premised) to all his fans talking about the concert that will take place next Saturday September 19 at Campovolo, in Reggio Emilia.
It will be a "homemade party" this time for Luciano Ligabue, who will also celebrate his 25 years career together with all the bands who shared with him stage and albums (Clandestino, la Banda, il Gruppo). After 20 years from the release of his album "Buon compleanno Elvis", more than 100.000 persons are awaited at Campovolo to honor the Emilian rocker.

For the most wild-eyed fanatics, the celebration will begin on Friday 18 at 3.00 PM with the party "Aspettando Campovolo" (Waiting for Campovolo): the whole day will be dedicated to Liga and his history. The program includes exhibits, images, live exhibitions of street artists and also the projection of the two films directed by Ligabue "Radiofreccia" and "Da zero a dieci" (From zero to ten).

Tickets have been in pre-sale for months but now are almost sold-out (for remaining availability you can search on TicketOne). Sleeping accommodations also are almost over, even if the Municipality of Reggio Emilia together with the organization had foreseen a wide area dedicated to camping. Also hotels and campsites in the nearest proximity are all fully booked, which means that those who are coming from far away may have to spend the night (or the nights if they already arrive on Friday) in their cars or at the station.

What is the solution then? All is not lost, here a suggestion about how to find an accommodation for Campovolo.

The KoobCamp network suggests looking for alternative solutions, like campsites and tourist resorts, which may be some km far away from Campovolo in Reggio Emilia, but which still grant a shelter for the night and the possibility to enjoy every single moment of the event. Moreover, the organization and the municipality of Reggio Emilia made a shuttle bus available to create a connection among the area of the concert, parking and railway station. So, there are no excuses not to choose a campsite or tourist resort s bit far from Campovolo: it could also be the perfect occasion to discover new places, explore Emilia Romagna and its cuisine!

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