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July 2015: Dutch tourists leaders of reservations


Campingitalia.it presents the trends of online bookings for the month of July 2015. Interesting are the data regarding Dutch tourists, who are in continuous growth. Campingitalia.it is confirmed as a reference point for the Dutch tourists who need to look for a campsite or a tourist resort for their holidays in Italy. This preference recognized to the online booking portal realized by the KoobCamp network appears even clearer during July 2015: Dutch travelers are placed first with 43.4% of bookings, followed by Italians with 33.3%, French with 12.4% and German with 10.8%. 

Analyzing the identikit of the tourist who made a booking using Campingitalia.it in July 2015, we discover that 55.04% are men whereas 44.96% are women. This data is highly influenced by Italians and Dutch, who register respectively +94.7% and +22.4% of bookings made by men. Bookings made by French are equally 50% men and 50% women, whereas by German the percentage is +150% in favor of women.

How are organized the stays in Italian campsites and tourist villages? Bookings made in July 2015 through Campingitalia.it show that 37.89% of tourists prefer to travel in couple and that 29.46% are 4-people groups. The percentage decreases for 3-people groups with 19.38% and is even smaller for 5 and 6-people groups, respectively with 8.53% and 3.88%. If the analysis is done according to nationality, what emerges is that Dutch prefer couple travelling, whereas for Italian and French there is less difference between groups of 2 or 4 people.

For what concerns the choice of the accommodation, in July 2015 bookings for campsite have outnumbered tourist resorts’ ones: 65.15% vs 34.88%. Italian travelers are equally subdivided between campsite and tourist resort, whereas other European tourists prefer the campsite.

What about spending power? For the holidays in campsites and holiday villages, the mid-range expense is between 100-400 Euro in 44.19% of cases, 400 to 1,000 Euros in 31%, less than € 100 in 13.95% and above 1,000 EUR in 10.85%. The most spendthrift tourists are Dutch and Italians, for whom is not rare to find bookings above € 1,000. On the other hand, French stand for saving, with bookings that remain in the range 100-400 Euro.

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