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Camping and Holiday Villages: Tuscany, Veneto and Liguria the most requested in June 2017


The Campings and Villages of Tuscany and Veneto are confirmed the most popular by tourists, also in june 2017, an indicative month for the performance of the summer season, with Liguria on the lower step of the podium, where we can see the traditional rising of the region of south-central Italy. This is what comes out from Campingitalia.it datas, the portal of the Koobcamp network for the online reservation of camping and villages, taken from the quotation requests received between june 1st and june 30th.

Leaded by Tuscany, the special ranking of the most popular regions in june 2017 from by the travelers en plein-air is the following one:

  1. Tuscany 21.90%
  2. Veneto 14.57%
  3. Liguria 11.20%
  4. Lazio 7.38%
  5. Sicily 6.40%
  6. Campania 5.42%
  7. Apulia 4.11%
  8. Trentino Alto Adige 4.05%
  9. Sardinia 4.06%
  10. Calabria 3.97%

Other interesting datas are the ones that concern the origin of the tourist, who, always in june 2017, made online estimate through Campingitalia.it and the affiliates portal. The italians, the last-minute lovers, are reaching the 40,68% of the requests received, destinated to grow again in july.

1. Italians 40,68%
2. Dutch 20.34%
3. French 13.56%
4. Germans 13.56%
5. Belgians 5.84%"

Lets close this presentation with a curious detail: the bank holiday of june 2nd has been the most requested period, with the 16.25% of the estimates realized for the holidays in camping or village from june 2nd to june 4th and the 8.75% from june 2nd to june 5th.

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